Hot Dogs: Copywriting & Persona

Word Bank:

The language used in this campaign will be simple, straightforward, and slightly immature with a slant of baseball terms.  It will be playful with lots of exclamations, to match the comic book aesthetic, and to appeal to the more immature target market (boys aged 18). I will use Captain Underpants as inspiration for the copywriting of this campaign.  There will also be witty plays on traditional comic book superhero phrases like “faster than a speeding bullet” etc.  My sentences will also be short, and I wont have paragraphs that are very long, to stick with a fast pace and make reading easier for the target audience.

Some words/phrases:

  • don’t be a weenie
  • play ball!
  • strike 1, strike 2 strike 3
  • you’re out!
  • safe!
  • batter up!
  • cool
  • stuff
  • thingy
  • doink!
  • poop
  • zing!
  • kindof
  • awesome


Tommy is an 18 year old boy who live in Brooklyn (Park Slope or Green Point) who is interested in sports. He absolutely LOVES baseball.  He collects baseball cards, is a devout Yankees fan (just like his dad), and knows all the stats all the time.  He can be seen walking around school in jeans and a Yankees t-shirt with a baseball cap on every day.  If he’s not wearing a Yankees shirt he’s wearing at least a blue shirt.  Tommy likes to chew gum, and likes go to the park to play catch.  He also goes to McCarren Park or Prospect Park a lot to play baseball with his friends and family.  He is on a baseball team, and has been since he was 5, and plays games every weekend.  His family is well off.  His mother is a stay at home mom, and his father works in Midtown Manhattan for Chase.  Tommy also really likes comics, and so I will use a casual, funny, slightly immature style of language to speak to him.  He couldn’t possibly leave a game without getting a hot dog from the corner street vendor, it is a reward for his hard work and good performance, and sometimes a comforting way to make him feel better if his team lost.  To him it is the nutritional embodiment of baseball, and so even though the hot dog may not exactly taste that amazing, he loves it because of what it stands for.  Tommy’s love for hotdogs is a reflection of his deep love for baseball.


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