Successful Campaigns

The first campaign that I thought was successful stylistically, in terms of concept, and through execution was the Captain Onion campaign by Adrienne.  The character (Captain Onion), the aesthetic of the brochure, and the concept of the comic book are all integrated very well to form a consistent story that reaches the correct target audience of males aged 12-14.  The idea to use mostly illustrations instead of text to communicate the message was very successful, as I can imagine it would be very hard for boys aged 12-14 to find a twenty-page text heavy brochure about the health benefits of onions interesting.  The icons get the message across clearly without being too complicated.  The simple typefaces chosen are straightforward and clear, and keep with the simplistic aesthetic of the brochure.  I also like how Adrienne chose to stick to the two color choice strictly without changing the opacities, which yet again reinforced the straightforward, simple approach to her campaign.  Overall I believe the candidness of this campaign would appeal directly to her target audience, and because of this I feel it is a successful campaign.

I do feel however that the poster was a slight disappointment.  The rest of the campaign was so dynamic and fun, yet the entire bottom half of the poster was a bit stoic and boring.  The copywriting on the poster could have been more interesting to reinforce the element of play that is illustrated in the brochure, yet it instead remains a bit dull.



The second campaign that I thought was very successful was the Passion Fruit campaign by Elinor.  The target audience is extremely well defined, which I feel helped the campaign maintain a consistent voice and style throughout.  The logo, typefaces chosen, and tagline all reflect the concept behind the campaign clearly and add to its “exclusive” feel.  The color scheme chosen was both classy and young, making the campaign seem elegant and high end without isolating the younger girls from its appeal.  The graphics and illustrations are all very fitting as well, as they clearly reflect the inspiration taken from high fashion and fine art images shown on Elinor’s blog post.  Elinor also uses a great balance of positive and negative space in both her brochures and poster, leaving the audience with some space to breath, rather than being suffocated by visual information.

One suggestion I could make for the campaign however would be to use a more compelling voice in the copy.  The visual elements are so strong and represent the target market so closely, yet the copywriting falls a bit short.  I feel that if a little bit more attitude had been placed into the copy it could make the campaign even more successful that it is at the moment.


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